The Benjamin T. Lane Scholarship of Excellence

This is intended as an overview of the guidelines and application process that were used for for 2019. Updated information will be posted in Spring 2020.

The Central Florida Chapter of the American Guild of Organists wishes to encourage and support the study of the organ by young students. CFAGO will offer a limited number of scholarships to high school students in grades 9-12 as of May 1 of the year of the application.

Scholarship Guidelines
: Applicants must live in the area supported by the CFAGO. It is expected that the recipient will use the scholarship to take lessons from an active CFAGO member or to attend a POE.

The student is responsible for providing teacher-approved organ shoes and all music assigned by the teacher.
Scholarship recipients may be invited to perform at a future CFAGO event.

The Executive Committee of the CFAGO will appoint a Scholarship Committee to oversee the distribution of scholarship funds.
The number and amount of scholarships to be awarded will be set annually by the Executive Committee upon recommendation from the Scholarship Committee.
The scholarship information should be made available in January of each year.

The application deadline is May 13 or the second Monday after May 1 if it falls on a weekend or holiday. The deadline for 2019 is May 13.
To apply, a student must submit the application form with all required signatures and a YouTube video recording of two contrasting pieces of the student’s choice. The recording shall show the applicant’s face and hands and include an ascending and descending two-octave scale of the applicant’s choice played with both hands simultaneously. The title and composer of each selection should be announced before being played.

  • Students who have not yet studied the organ may play the piano.
  • No recipient can receive the award for more than two years.
  • The Scholarship Committee shall evaluate all the applications.
  • The Committee may elect to award all, some, or none of the scholarships available in any given year.
  • If a committee member is also the teacher of an applicant, he/she will not participate in the judging process that year whereby another chapter member will be asked to serve by the Dean.
  • The Scholarship Committee will base its decision upon the musical merit of the applicant and the short essay submitted.
  • Financial need will not be evaluated in the application process.
  • The Scholarship Committee may choose to give preference to students with prior organ studies in making its decision.
  • The decision of the Scholarship Committee is final. All applicants will be notified in a timely manner of the committee’s final decision.
  • The current scholarship amount is $500.00
  • The Scholarship will be awarded at the last CFAGO chapter meeting of the year.
  • If possible, the recipient, his/her parents and music teacher shall be dinner guests of the CFAGO that evening.
  • The monetary award will be paid directly to the teacher of the applicant.
  • If the recipient chooses to use the award to attend a POE, the registration fee will be paid by CFAGO and any remaining funds will be distributed to the student to cover housing and transportation costs.
  • Each scholarship recipient will also receive a complimentary student membership in The American Guild of Organists.
  • Applications must be received no later than May 13, 2019.
  • Students are encouraged to submit all documents digitally as a PDF or JPEG. US Mail may also be used to forward the application.

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