Contact Us

Please include your full name and contact information when sending a
message for any of the purposes listed below. 
To inquire about membership (new, dual or transferring) please contact Registrar Ken Stoops: email 
 If you are a member in good standing and would like to be added to the list of Supply Organists and Organ Teachers, please contact Webmaster Randall Krum: email Note: If your contact information or availability changes,
please notify the Webmaster 
 If you wish to be added to our email list, please contact Webmaster Randall Krum:
 If you would like to become involved with Chapter Publicity, Hospitality*, Program Planning suggestions, or Professional Development, or if you would just like to contribute an idea to enliven and enrich our chapter, please contact Dean Timothy Hanes: email .

*Hospitality has many facets: greeting and welcoming concert attendees, handing out programs, receiving offerings when included in a program, or assisting with
refreshments after an event. It is not expected that any one person is likely to have an interest in all of these aspects. If you have an interest in involvement with any of these duties, please contact Dean Timothy Hanes: email 
 If you are involved with or are promoting an event that is likely to be of interest to our membership and would like to have it posted on the CFAGO website, please contact Webmaster Randall Krum: email 
 If you wish to sell or donate an instrument that has potential as a practice instrument
for an organist, please submit photos and a detailed description to Webmaster
Randall Krum: email 
If your information in the 2019 – 2020 Yearbook has changed or needs to be
updated, please email