THE CFAGO 2018-2019 SEASON (Gray text indicates past events)

September 21, Friday at 6:00pm - banquet and 7:30pm - concert

Banquet and Opening Concert at the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection, Longwood. We have a sponsor for the meal and the concert will be organ, brass and choir. David Patrick, Mark Kelly and Bob Joyner are playing organ.

Event Chair: Tim Hanes

October 14, Sunday at 3:00pm

Michael LeGrande “Young Rising Star” Concert. CFAGO and Cathedral Church of St. Luke will split Michael's fee which includes airfare ($800). The Cathedral will print the program. Ture Larson will handle the reception and CFAGO will contribute $100 toward the reception

Event Chair: Ben Lane – We also need a co-chair to coordinate a member's after concert dinner.

October 30, Tuesday at 7:00pm

Orlando Lutheran Towers Spooktacular. Members will play appropriate selections. Costume contest. Bill Picher will accompany the silent film: Teddy at The Throttle starring Gloria Swanson and Wallace Beery. Cost for the event is $170 for delivery and rental of a 12' x 12' screen and moving organ. OLT will provide a wine and cheese reception. David Bellows has an Allen Organ to be donated to a student at the event. DenizUz and Ture Larson will play on the first half of the program.

Event Chair: Tim Hanes

November 18, Sunday at 3:00pm
A Progressive Organ Plus Concert in November 18. At the Cathedral Church of St. Luke, Lyman Brodie/John Almeida(trumpet) and Ben Lane (organ) will perform. Downtown Baptist, First Presbyterian Church and First UMC Orlando will join on this program. The event will also cross promote Orange County's Fusion Festival.

Event Chair: Tim Smith

December 9, Sunday at 3:00pm

Messiah Choral Society will perform selections from The Messiah at the Orlando Lutheran Towers. CFAGO members will accompany the concert. Following the concert is a wine and cheese reception.

December 28, Friday at 7:00pm

Annual Christmas Party at Shannon Fore's home to celebrate his new grand piano.

January 12, Saturday at 9:00am – 1:00pm

Pedals, Pipes and Pizza in Lakeland is a partial-day event that introduces children and youth to the pipe organ. Scott Zeigler, First Presbyterian in Lakeland will host the event. A Choir member is underwriting the event. They have invited Laura Ellis from the University of Florida to attend. They are looking at inviting Matt Gender to improvise a film for the students.

Event Chair: Scott Zeigler

January 18, 2019, Friday at 7:30pm,

CFAGO partners with Adam J. Brakel, the Director of Music for the Diocese of Orlando, and St. James Cathedral, and International Concert Organist with Phillip Truckenbrod Concerts Artists will play the re-dedication recital on the St. James Cathedral Wicks organ. The upgrades include: New tracker touch keyboards, a variety of solo and foundation stops for the manuals, 32' and 16' reeds and foundations in the pedal, and a huge digital tuba imperial in the front of the cathedral. Brakel will play major concert works of all periods to showcase the diversity of the instrument.

Event Chair: Adam Brakel

January 26, Saturday at 9:00am – 1:00pm

Pedals, Pipes and Pizza in Sanford at Holy Cross Episcopal Church is a partial-day event that introduces children and youth to the pipe organ. Terry Yount, director for St. Andrews Conservatory, Wayside Drive, Sanford will host the event.

Event Chair: Terry Yount

February 2, Saturday at 9:00am – 3:00pm

Hymn Sing with organist RobertDelcamp, Sewanee, University of the South. Morning mass choir/brass rehearsal, lunch break, concert at 2:00pm. His fee is $1,200 plus travel. The Orlando Brass Quintet will accompany the mass choir from area churches. The program will be at Winter Park Presbyterian Church.

Event Chair: Paul Kusler and Michael Petrosh

March 15, Friday at 7:00pm

All Saints Episcopal Church will celebrate Bach's birthday with an all Bach concert by CFAGO members. The event is also on the opening night of the Winter Park Side Walk Arts Festival and we are hoping to cross promote our events.

Event Chair: Tim Smith

April 22, Monday at 6:30pm

A Happy Hour Social at The Abbey Bar and Theatre, 100 South Eola Drive, in downtown Orlando.

Event Chair: Carolyn Scott

May 21, Tuesday Banquet at 6:00pm and concert at 7:30pm

Rising Stars Concert and Banquet at St. George Episcopal Church in The Villages. The concert will feature CFAGO scholarship winners both past and present.

Event Chair: Barb Coulter and Doug Spike


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