A Letter from the Dean

November 8, 2020

Hello all,

Hopefully, you all were able to watch our Spooktacular concert! Many thanks to Michael Shortal and Charlene Cranmer for taking the time to record their pieces for the concert. Please, do subscribe to our YouTube channel: Central Florida AGO https://youtube.com/channel/UCL-dsXux33qW-vnAviltaYg

Looking into December and mentioned at the end of our concert, we are planning to have another members’ recital of Advent and Christmas music. Again, you are free to record yourself (video and audio) at your church or one you have access to. Alternatively, I’m inviting any of you to come to St. Luke’s to record, as well. We can discuss times you can come by to practice/set up pistons/record your piece(s). Our plan is to have this video premiered on YouTube (like the Spooktacular) on December 22.Recordings for this video would need to be submitted by December 15. It would be nice to introduce yourself and give a brief talk about the piece(s) you are playing (just like what we did for the Spooktacular). Tim Hanes will be organizing the players and such, so please send all interest to him at timothyjhanes@gmail.com.

Also mentioned, we are looking to promote our local instruments in 2021. These will be videos about once a month where we go to an organ, have a talk through of the console, history of the instrument, maybe go into the chambers if it is a pipe organ, and play a representative piece or two. If you would like to have your instrument showcased, please email me at mpetrosh3@gmail.com. We have a good number of instruments in this area, so I might end up “volunteering” you at some point.

In order to make all of these events possible in the virtual realm, we need a video editor or two. I did this for our Spooktacular, and it ended up taking me around 20 hours of editing over about 3-4 days to put it together. Honestly, I really don’t have that amount of spare time to do this for every video we are looking to put out on our channel. If you enjoy the content, its quality, and its proposed frequency, I would greatly appreciate it if one or more of you could step up and help out with this. If you are interested but are not too familiar with video editing, there are a few free video editors and a bunch of YouTube videos that give tutorials on how to do simple to complex tasks. Any further inquiries or volunteers, feel free to email me.

Michael Petrosh, Dean

Free Baldwin C-630
While writing this email to you, I received an offer of an organ removal that I thought I would share with you. I will paste the email in its entirety below:

I [Michael Corzine] have a choir member whose grandmother’s organ is looking for a possible small church or chapel home. It’s a Baldwin C-630, which is a 2-manual church model with 61/32 and a decent specification. If you know of any congregation/chapel looking for a (free) church-style electronic organ, please put them in contact with me. The organ needs to be moved out of the house fairly soon, so as usual with these things, time is of the essence. Thanks for any help you might provide!


Michael Corzine
Organist & Choirmaster
First Presbyterian Church, Tallahassee, FL 32301
Phone 850/222-4504 x114 (office)
850/443-2886 (cell)
Please contact him directly, as he asks.

Baldwin, Model C-630