What about "The King of Instruments?"

I am concerned to learn that as a world class destination we are not going to be on par with other world class performing art centers because of the exclusion of the vital component of a pipe organ. Why would we settle for anything but the best? Even Bob Carr PAC once had a pipe organ!

There has been consultation with many acousticians, organ builders and architects familiar with the hall and similar projects and have learned since phase II is theoretically "On Paper" there is still time to make adjustments to the plan without being too cost prohibitive. In fact, this change/additional would be much less than 1% of the total cost of the DPAC project itself!

I also understand you have a unique opportunity to acquire an instrument for the hall with an IDENTIFIED donor!

Most major halls (especially new ones) have included pipe organs. Most recently, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Orange County Center for the Performing Arts LA and Overture Hall Madison, the Kauffman PAC, Schermerhorn Hall Nashville and soon to be installed Kennedy Center all enjoy the fruits and hearty business attracted by the organ, as a solo, orchestral and choral music supporter.

This would represent a win-win for the community in terms of cost savings as well as the artistic value gained. A Pipe Organ would add a new aural living dimension to the building and over 400+ organ and orchestra pieces + 1000’s more organ pieces to the orchestra’s palette.

Without a pipe organ, these organ-orchestra pieces have little chance of being heard in our community. First United Methodist is not a reasonable or feasible compromise as it would not be reasonable to have an Orchestral/Organ concert at a church venue rather than the new hall across the street, also why turn down the additional revenue source?

• The organ "Crowns the Hall above the orchestra" LA Philharmonic’s Chad Smith – V.P. of Artistic Planning

• "Schermerhorn Concert Hall’s pipe organ considered it’s "Crowning Jewel"

I heartily encourage the DPAC to include what Mozart called "The King of Instruments" in the new hall in Phase II.

Sincerely Yours,

Ture Larson
Central Florida Chapter
American Guild of Organists