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Membership in the Central Florida Chapter of the American Guild of Organists is open to all, and includes working professionals--organists, pianists, choir directors, instrumentalists, teachers, organ builders, technicians, and suppliers to the field--as well as students, clergy, amateur musicians, and dedicated supporters.

Membership Benefits

The AGO provides a wealth of benefits and opportunities under the guidance of the national officers, Councilors for Education, Professional Concerns, Organizational Concerns, and Development and Communications, and working committees--all volunteer leaders of the Guild. Among the benefits available to members are educational opportunities, organ and choral concerts, Guild certification through an examination process, an extensive organ library, job placement (permanent and/or substitute), the national organization's magazine The American Organist (TAO), assistance and guidance in regard to professional concerns, and the consultation services of an organ advisory committee.

Membership Application
We receive new members and renewals for the Central Florida AGO at any time.
June 1, 2014
Attached are:
Print this form and hand-write
information before sending
Type on this form in your
browser and then print to mail
(1) Membership
     PDF Form
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(2) Sign-up sheet to help with AGO functions
(3) Code of Ethics

Please print out the Membership Form and the sign-up sheet, fill them out, and mail them to the Registrar along with your check for membership. By mailing them now you will help us get started on preparing the annual Yearbook and you will be sure to be included.

IF YOUR CHURCH PAYS FOR YOUR MEMBERSHIP BE SURE TO TURN THE FORMS IN TO YOUR CHURCH OFFICE RIGHT AWAY SO THE CHECKS CAN BE PROCESSED IN TIME FOR THE YEARBOOK!!  ASK YOUR CHURCH SECRETARY TO MAIL THEM AS SOON AS THEY ARE PROCESSED.  (Even if you are out of town, call your church office and find out if they have been sent to me.  Sometimes they have been known to languish on someone's desk.)

Please mail to:
    Ken Stoops, Registrar
    Central Florida AGO 
    186 Underhill Loop Dr.
    Orlando, FL 32825
If you have problems accessing the attachments, please send an email and the forms will be snail-mailed to you. 

The Membership Application is available here.

Membership Transfer Form