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Harpsichord available
CFAGO member John Mitchell has a harpsichord that he would like to give to someone. It had belonged to Cathy Collins and she left it to him when she moved several years ago to Cape Cod, her hometown.  It is functional. Right now not on its three legs, but they are stored with it in an out-building on John’s son’s property. They are downsizing and John needs to give it to someone. John had ordered wooden parts some time ago and also a set of new strings. Whoever wants it may pick it up or if they are in the area John will take it to them.  He can be contacted at a cell phone 407-492-5569 or call his son’s phone 407-365-3721. They live in or near Chuluota.

Kawai Organ available

This Kawai Model XR9000A organ is available for free to a good home, be it an individual or church. The next owner will be responsible for coming to get it.
It's on the 14th floor at a condominium in Fort Pierce, but there is an elevator.
Its serial number is 558550.
It has 3 manuals and has lots of electronic features, including a disc player over on the right. It has the usual short set of pedals.
Interested parties should contact Deacon Lew Gwynn at lrgwyn@yahoo.com

For Sale
Special Edition Johannus Opus 17 SE
November 8, 2016
Special Edition Johannus Opus 17 SE 
AGO Digital Organ
With Custom Above-Organ Speaker Bank (removable)
New Condition – Original List $15,000
$8,750 or Best Offer
$500 shipping allowance 
Paid to your Shipping Agent 
or we will adjust the price by $500
Located in SW Florida
CONTACT: Beth Slate (217) 413-0817

This custom-built instrument was built six years ago and fitted with a custom above organ Speaker Bank (removable). The organ has been in my living room and used as a practice instrument since I bought it, but it is powerful enough to be used in a church. The organ has internal speakers in addition to the Speaker Bank. The Johannus Opus 17 offers the organ lover three basic varieties: Baroque, Symphonic and Romantic, each of which has as many as four different intonations: Classical, Solo, Hymn and Trio – twelve organs in all. All diapason and reed stops are in C-Cis chest layout, just like in most pipe organs. The multi-channel system allows these voices to sound very natural in your location.
This digital organ was specially built to be easily moved by two to three people as the instrument breaks down into five pieces:

      The Console
The AGO pedalboard
The Bench with music shelf
The music stand
The external Speaker Bank

Key Features:
• 2-5 Octave Manuals
• LED-lit Music Rack
• Lockable Roll Top Cover
• I/B/E Switch for Internal and Upper Sound System
• Stereo 3-D Acoustics
• Above Organ Speaker Bank with Four Channels (removable for shipping)
• General Crescendo (Programmable)
• “Orchestras’” Module
• Oak Finish
• 32-note AGO Pedal Board
• Deluxe Bench 
• Parts Warranty still in effect
• Height w/Speaker Bank – 81”
• Height w/o Speaker Bank – 45”
• Width – 55”
• Depth – 25”
• Depth Including Pedal Board – 45”
• (Fits through residential doorways)

Technical Specifications:
• Styles
      Romantic - 29
Symphonic Voices - 29
Baroque Voices - 29
Orchestrals - 12
• Intonations
Classic .
Solo .
Hymn .
Trio .
Total 12 Intonations
Number of Voices On Board - 145
• Items:
Manuals (Church Organ Touch): 5 octaves (C-c””) STT - 2
Manuals (Church Organ Touch): 5 octaves (C-c””) HQT - optional
Pedal Board 32-note AGO (C-f)
Amplifiers / Channels (70 Watt Max) - 4
Stereo 3D Acoustics
C-C# Wind Chest Lay-Out
Physiological Expression Pedals
General Crescendo (Programmable)
Dynamic Chiff
pipeLIFE tm Tuning
Digital to Analogue Converter Channels - 16
• Display:
Volume, Transposer, Pitch and Memory
General Crescendo
• Easy Menu:
Temperaments - 3
Programmable Toucher (High, Low, Velocity)
Programmable MIDI / Datadump / Resets and Defaults
Demo Songs
• Capture:
Generals - 128
Divisionals - 384
PP-P-MF-F-FF-T (Programmable)
SET , 0 (cancel)
• Controls:
Couplers (Pistons and Toe Studs) - 3
Tremulants - 2
Toe Studs - 12
MB Manual Bass
CF Cantus Firmus
FA Fix Accessories
RO Reeds Off
Memory Lock (key)
INTONAT Voicing Software 5.0 (Note by Note / Voice by Voice) optional
• External Connections:
Headphones Stereo up to 2k Ohms
External Reverb 470 Ohms/300 mV
Aux in 1k Ohms/ 70mV (Stereo)
Aux Out 470 Ohms/300 mV (Stereo)
External Loudspeaker Output 8 Ohms – including 3 position switch optional
• Console
Dark Oak
Wooden Expression Pedals - 3
Wooden Roll Cover (with Key Lock)
Illuminated Pedal Board
Full Bench with storage

Also included is the original User Manual for Johannus OPUS 17, 27 and 37 AGO and the original Service Manual for Johannus OPUS 7, 17, 27, 37

Located in SW Florida

CONTACT: Beth Slate (217) 413-0817

For Sale
Allen Theatre Organ
Renaissance 212-Deluxe
October 21, 2016

Because I am a retired organist who is down-sizing, I have decided to sell my superb, digital Allen Theatre Organ, Renaissance 212-Deluxe (Deluxe means with AGO pedalboard), complete with a built-in Allen Expander with 100 additional voices and an external Allen Smart Recorder with its own remote control.  While the organ is self-contained, i.e. it can be played without any eternal cabinets, it also includes four external finished speaker systems: 2 larger cabinets and two smaller ones, complete with antiphonal organ controls. 

The Renaissance 212 can play classical music as well as theatre organ music. The instrument is in excellent condition and the manufacturer has guaranteed--since its founding in 1937--to support any Allen organ ever made. For the Allen Organ Company, there is no such thing as planned obsolescence. Therefore, the organ is working 100%.

I would be grateful if you would pass the word around.

Claire Arnold

home 352-687-8788
cell 516-528-1045

Organ for Sale
February 3, 2015
Hammond Organ with bench
Aurora Classic 246100
2 3.5 octave manuals
1 octave pedal board
Owners manual included
Near Semoran Blvd and Howell Branch Rd

Best reasonable offer accepted!

Contact Marcia at 407-965-6908 before Friday, February 13th.


Randall Dyer & Assoc. Inc.
August 10, 2014

We are pleased to offer the following organ, which is in excellent condition and is available immediately, only due to a down-sizing of residential quarters after children have left the home.

This instrument was built by our firm and is about 20 years old. We have two other instruments of this design, one serving in a practice studio, the other in a small church seating about 150 people. Both are giving excellent service.

The action is all-electric with expansion channel, controlled by a solid-state relay. The disposition of the ranks is as follows:

16' Gedackt, Flote, 1-12, electronic, 65 pipes, balance from Gemshorn 8' Gemshorn, 85 pipes 4' Principal, GG - c49, 42 pipes, 1-7 and 50-61 = Gemshorn.
Facade, 70% tin 1 1/3' Quinte, 37 pipes, top and bottom octaves repeat
Total of 229 pipes.

GREAT         POSITIV         PEDAL
8' Gemshorn 8' Gemshorn 16' Untersatz
8' Gedackt 8' Gedackt 8' Gemshorn
4' Principal 4' Flote 8' Gedackt
2' Gemshorn 2' Gemshorn 4' Principal
1 1/3' Quinte 1 1/3' Quinte 2' Gemshorn

The organ is 9' tall x 7' wide across the face, and approximately 4'-6" deep with bench. We can provide transportation and set-up if desired. Additional items can be added at extra cost if desired, including pipe shades, 1-12 wood 16' bass, or pistons.

Please call or email for any additional questions you might have:
Randall S. Dyer,
Randall Dyer & Assoc.Inc.
Box 489 Jefferson City, TN 37760

For Sale:

Yamaha C-3 grand piano, S/N B-250664, manufactured in 1977 and has been owned by late AGO member Fred Mauk since its original purchase. The piano was professionally appraised in April 2014 in accordance with the owner's instructions in the will, and the AGO has been designated as one of the benficiaries of the sale proceeds. The piano has been kept in the owner's private residence and played only by the owner, and not used for teaching or public performance.

The piano has a glossy black finish that has only one tiny blemish on the exterior chassis, which the appraiser says can be easily rubbed out or repaired.In addition, the appraiser noted some minor rust on the strings, consistent with the piano's age, storage and use conditions.

Asking $12,000. Will consider any serious offers.

Please contact Kenneth Nuckols at (321) 356-2690 or kenneth.nuckols@icloud.com for appointment or to submit a bid. In addition to providing a certified check for the full purchase price, the approved purchaser will arrange for transporting the piano to its new home at their expense.
Neupert Harpsichord for Sale

Silberman model                    
(Spinette) no. 21724
Mahogany Case
4-1/2 octaves
8’ register
Lute stop, divided
Length: 3’6”, width 2’4”
Asking $1,800  New ones list for about $5,500
Contact: Emily Humphreys-Beher
(352) 671-1019
April 12, 2012


The Volunteer Organist, anon.

The Organ Blower, Oliver Wendel Holmes

Golden Rules for Ensemble Playing
**  Everyone should play the same piece.

**  Stop at every repeat sign and discuss, in detail,
whether to take the repeat. The audience will love this a lot!

**  If you play a wrong note, give a nasty look to one of your partners.

**  Keep your fingering chart handy.  You can always catch up with the others.

**  Take your time turning pages.

**  The right note, at the wrong time, is a wrong note (and vice versa).

**  If everyone gets lost except you, follow those who get lost.

**  Strive to get the maximum NPS (notes per second).
That way you gain the admiration of the incompetent.

**  Markings for slurs, dynamics, and ornaments should not be observed.
They are only there to embellish the score.
**  If a passage is difficult, slow down.  If it's easy, speed it up.
Everything will work itself out in the end.

**  If you are completely lost, stop everyone and say,
"I think we should tune."

**  Happy are those who have not perfect pitch,
for the kingdom of music is theirs.

**  If the ensemble has to stop because of you, explain
in detail why you got lost. Everyone will be very interested.

**  A true interpretation is realized when there remains
not one note of the original.

**  When everyone else has finished playing, you should not play any notes
you have left. If you have notes left over, please play them on the way home.

**  A wrong note, played timidly, is a wrong note.

**  A wrong note, played with authority, is an interpretation.

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