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  • Posted: Oct. 27, 2023

Wurlitzer Theater Pipe Organ Model R-16
Enlarged to 14 ranks with full complement of tuned percussion instruments and traps.  The organ features a historically significant one-of-a-kind curved, double bolster stoprail 3 manual console.  The console, originally installed in the Wurlitzer factory studio boardroom, was used to create master rolls used in the production of rolls for Wurlitzer R-Model reproducing roll players.  The console sides and original bench are richly carved walnut wood, stained a dark Jacobean. 
The instrument has been fully and correctly rewired and re-leathered.  The restoration included the addition of a Uniflex computer relay system which allows the instrument to record and play back original artist’s performance.  It also includes adjustable combination piston settings, key transposer, stop definition changes, console-to-chamber diagnostics, and a “keys-played” monitor display, among other features.  A full-size upright player piano in matching Jacobean walnut is also part of the unit, but is not currently piped to the organ.  The organ is in excellent condition.
Accepting offers.

We are asking $44,000 for the organ with the 32 ft reed included, or, $34,000 without the 32 ft reed. Organ is located in southeastern Massachusetts.

For more information, contact: Ned R Niemiec via EMAIL

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